Audio controlled relay

Audio controlled relay


by Corvo

Categories: Audio and Relays

Audio controlled relay for controlling mains rated devices.

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Energy saving device, audio controlled power relay which disconnects the mains to an amplifier after a user definable time out, near instantaneous power on when audio returns

Control mains power turn-on/off by detecting the presence or absence of an audio signal

• Achieves energy efficiency, heat loss reduction and extended equipment life

• High-impedance audio detection input allows easy connection to any audio circuit

• Adjustable time-out with automatic reset when audio becomes inactive

• Adjustable audio level detection threshold

• 230-Volt, 5-Amp switching capability

• Three status LEDs



Audio detection threshold: 300 Microvolts to 20 mV, adjustable

Audio detection response time: Less than 1 second

Time-out adjustment range: 0-10 minutes, adjustable

Power relay rating: 230V / 5A

Audio input impedance: 100 KOhms

Mains Power (no load): 230V / 1 VA

Case Dimensions: 120L x 60D x 25H mm

Weight: 155 grams

Operating temperature range: 0° to 40 °C




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