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Turn any Windows based PC into a Control System

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Calypso’s encore! software package provides the tools needed by dealers and system integrators to build Windows-based, graphical control interfaces for classrooms. While working within a standard Windows drag-and-drop environment, developers can create a unique look and feel for each customer interface, or can create a set of standard templates to be used on any number of projects.  Yet these software tools require little training and no programming skills, while offering remarkable power and flexibility.

encore! is designed to be used either as a stand-alone interface – steering commands through serial ports or to IP addresses – or with Calypso network controllers.  Of course, encore! takes full advantage of the event database architecture on all Calypso controllers, simplifying the process of triggering control actions by sending event numbers to controllers, over a network.

In addition, encore! supports bi-directional communications through Calypso’s unique “pattern matching” technique.  With no code-writing, and when used with a Calypso controller, encore! buttons can be configured to reflect the current state of projectors, AV switches and more.

  • Transparent mode
  • Windows drag-and-drop
  • interface design size, label, import buttons
  • Import custom graphics
  • Bi-directional communication
  • Built-in scheduler
  • IP or serial user-defined data delivery




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